Legalese noun 1. the formal and technical language of legal documents.or language containing excessive amount of of legal terminology or of legal jargon.

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a large number of many
a number of some, several, many [or something more precise]
accord (verb) give
accord respect to respect
acquire get
additional more
additionally also
adjacent to next to, near
advert to mention
afforded given
aforementioned that, these, previously mentioned [or best omitted]
ambit reach, scope
amidst amid
amongst among
and/or “and” or “or” or possibly “A or B or both”
any and all all
approximately about
as to about, of, by, for, in
ascertain determine, find out
assist help
at present now
at the place where
at the present time now
at this point in time now, currently
at this time now, currently
attempt (verb) try
because of the fact that because
cease stop
cease and desist stop
circumstances in which when, where
cognizant of aware of, knows
commence start
conceal hide
concerning the matter of about
consensus of opinion consensus
consequence result
contiguous to next to
demonstrate show
desire want
despite the fact that despite, although
does not operate to does not
donate give
due to because
due to the fact that because
during the course of during
during the time that while
e.g. for example
echelon level
elucidate explain, clarify
endeavor (verb) try
evince show
excessive number of too many
exclusively only
exit (verb) leave
facilitate help
firstly, secondly, … first, second, …
for the duration of during or while
for the purpose of doing to do
for the reason that because
forthwith immediately, promptly
frequently often
fundamental basic
has a negative impact hurts, harms
hereby [omit; no need for replacement word]
herein below [or omit and then cross-reference]
hereinabove above [or omit and then cross-reference]
hereinafter below [or omit and then cross-reference]
hereinbefore above [or omit and then cross-reference]
hereto [omit; no need for replacement word]
heretofore [avoid]
hereunder under this agreement
I would argue that / it is arguable that / it could be argued that [don’t say what you’ll argue; just argue it]
i.e. in other words
in a case in which when, where
in accordance with by, under
in close proximity near
in lieu of instead of
in light of the fact that because, given that
in order to to
in point of fact in fact [or omit altogether]
in reference to about
in regard to about
in the course of during
in the event that if
indicate show, say, mean
individual (noun) person
inquire ask
instant case here, this case
inter alia among other things
is able to can
is binding on binds
is desirous of wants
is dispositive of disposes of
is unable to cannot
it has been determined that [omit]
it is apparent that clearly or omit
it is clear that clearly or omit
locate find
manner way
methodology method
modify change
mutatis mutandis with the necessary changes
negatively affect hurt, harm, decrease
notify tell
notwithstanding despite
null and void void
numerous many
objective (noun) goal
observe see, watch
obtain get
on a number of occasions often, sometimes
on the part of by
owing to the fact that because, since
pari passu equally
per annum per year, a year, annually
period of time time, period
permit let, allow
personnel people
point in time time, point
portion part
possess have
prima facie on the face of it, it appears
prior to before
procure get
provide give
provided that if, but only if
provision [of the agreement] term
provision of law law
purchase buy
pursuant to under or in accordance with [depending on context]
rate of speed speed
referred to as called
remainder rest
render assistance help
request (verb) ask
require need
retain keep
said (adjective) the, this [for example, “said contract” can often be changed to “the contract”]
same it, them
sell, transfer, and assign sell
set forth set out, stated in, in
subsequent later
subsequent to after
subsequently after, later
substantiate prove
such that, this, those, the [potentially omit]
sufficient enough
sufficient number of enough
termination end [depending on context]
the case at bar this case
the fact that that
the instant case this case
the manner in which how
thereafter later in it, in them, inside
therein of, from, because
thereof of that
thereto about, to that or it
this case is distinguishable [all cases are distinguishable; what you probably mean is that this case is different]
to the effect that that
until such time as until
upon on
utilize use
very [consider omitting]
was aware knew
whereas [omit for recitals and any other use]
wherein in the
whilst while
with respect to in connection with